“Dual-Mode, Extended Near-Infrared, Focal Plane Arrays Fabricated with CMOS Compatible GeSiSn Alloy”
Kouvetakis, J.
DARPA/Freedom Photonics
6/2019 to 5/2022

“Low-Cost, Uncooled, NIR and SWIR FPA Using SiGeSn on Silicon”
Kouvetakis, J. & Menéndez, J.
U.S. Army
1/2020 to 3/2020

"Geiger-Mode SiGe Reciever for Long Rang Optical Communications"
Kouvetakis, J. & Menéndez, J.
NASA/Freedom Photonics
5/2018 to 4/2020

"Low-Defect GeSn and SiGeSn for Integrated High-Performance SWIR and MWIR Optoelectronics"
Kouvetakis, J. & Menéndez, J.
DOD-USAF-AFRL: Air Force Office of Scientific Research/Freedom Photonics
11/8/2017 to 2/11/2020

"Electically Injected Si-Ge-Sn Lasers"
Kouvetakis, J. & Menéndez, J.
DOD-USAF-AFRL: Air Force Office of Scientific Research
8/15/2017 to 8/14/2020
Project:Research project

"Low-Defect GeSn and SiGeSn for Integrated SWIR and MWIR Optoelectronics"
Kouvetakis, J. & Menéndez, J.
DOD-USAF: Hanscom Air Force Base
6/13/2016 to 3/13/2017
Project:Research project

"New chemistry routes to group IV materials and devices”
Kouvetakis, J.
DOD-USAF Wright Paterson Air Force Base AFRL, Optoelectronic Technology Branch.
2012 to 2013
Project:Research project

Residual: Kouvetakis, John
OTHER:Fixed Price Residuals
5/10/2017 to 6/30/2022
Project:Research project

51) $788,057, NSF (National Science Foundation), "Molecular routes to new classes of polar/non-polar alloy semiconductors" Focused Research Group --Menendez, Kouvetakis, Chizmeshya, Smith (2013-2016).

50) $300 K, DOE, National Renewable Energy Lab, "Development of (Si)5-2y(III-V)y alloys for photovoltaic applications"

49) $150 K, Air Force Research Laboratory Optoelectronic Technology Branch, Wright Paterson AFB.  “New chemistry routes to group IV materials and devices”

48) $450 K, Air Force Office Scientific Research, “New generations of SiGeSn materials and devices”

47) $55 K, Emcore Corporation, Albuquerque, NM, "Development of Group IV photovoltaic cells".

46)  $900 K, National Science Foundation, “Sn-containing group-IV semiconductors for energy applications in photovoltaics and thermoelectricity”, Focused Research Group - J. Menendez, J. Kouvetakis and A. V. G. Chizmeshya (2009-2011).

45)  $60 K, Office of the Vice President of Research, ASU (project manager salary support) (2009-2010).

44)  $145 K, contract with SUN Microsystems, “Si photonics/Group IV devices” (2008-2009).

43)  $135 K, subcontract Georgia-Tech/Stanford, DARPA “Fabrication of modulator and photodetector architectures based on Group IV alloys” (2008-2009).

42)  $498,909 NSF STTR Phase II, "Germyl silanes - enabling precursors for chemical vapor deposition of advanced CMOS substrates, CMOS-integrated MEMS, and nano-scale quantum-dot silicon photonics", ASU PI: J. Kouvetakis jointly with industrial partner Voltaix Corporation.

41)  $990,000 federal ($1,300,000 federal plus institutional and industrial matching), US Department of Energy (DOE) under the program Future  Generation of Photovoltaic Devices and Processes, “Advance semiconductor materials for breakthrough photovoltaic applications”, PIs: Kouvetakis, Menendez.

40)  $70,000, cash gift from Voltaix Corporation to Kouvetakis lab, "Development of selective area epitaxial deposition of high Ge content SiGe embedded as source/drain stressor for enhancing PMOS applications”.

39)  $260,000 DURIP, “Hybrid molecular deposition system for ultra-low temperature CVD materials synthesis and semiconductor materials performance optimization”, Air Force Office for Scientific Research, PI: Kouvetakis.

38)  $270,000, Science Foundation Arizona, “Hybrid substrates for low cost solid-state lighting and solar energy applications”, PI: Kouvetakis.

37)  $25,000 “Si based near-IR detector”.

36)  $13,000 AFOSR, “Acquisition of a wet bench for wafer processing”.

35)  $150,000 STTR Phase I (small business technology transfer), “Advanced Si-Ge-Sn-based photonic materials and devices for detector and photovoltaic applications”, National Science Foundation with the Silicon Photonics Group.

34)  $780,000 SBIR PHASE II (small business innovation research award), US Army Night Vision Labs Fort Belvoir Virginia, “Large-area hybrid substrates for HgCdTe infrared detectors” (2006-2008), The Silicon Photonics Group, a spin off company from the Kouvetakis lab.

33)  $2,600,000, Air Force Office for Scientific Research: MURI (Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative) "Infrared and Terahertz lasers on Si using novel group-IV alloys” (2006-2010), J. Kouvetakis, J. Menendez, et al. (my share of this is at 60%).

32)  $600,000, National Science Foundation (2006-2008):  PFI, Partnerships for Innovation, Ig Tsong and J. Kouvetakis (my share was 50% ).

31)  $100,000, US Army Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program “Large-area hybrid substrates for HgCdTe infrared detectors”, Si-Photonics Group, a spin off company from the Kouvetakis lab.

30)  $100,000 STTR (small business technology transfer), “Germyl silanes: enabling precursors for chemical vapor deposition of advanced devices”, National Science Foundation/Voltaix Corporation, ASU PI: Kouvetakis.

29)  $100,000 STTR (small business technology transfer), “Silicon based quantum well laser”, AFOSR/QuanTerra Corporation, ASU PI: Kouvetakis.
28)  $100,000, Voltaix Corporation, “Kouvetakis labs graduate student fellowships” $50K donation and $50K licensing fees for several patents dealing with Si-Ge technologies, PI: Kouvetakis.
27)  $245,000, NSF-(IMR), "Acquisition of a high resolution x-ray facility for materials research and education" (2005-2006), National Science Foundation, PI: Kouvetakis.

26)  $100,000, "Synthesis characterization, properties and performance evaluation of novel direct band gap semiconductors", US Army Research Office (ARO) (2004-2005), PI: Kouvetakis.

25)  $280,000, "Group IV quantum well optical devices on silicon", Intel corporation Si-photonics lab (2005-2008 ), PI: Kouvetakis.

24)  $75,000,  "Direct gap GeSn, Ge, and SiGeSn epilayers and nanostructures grown on Si" (2003-2006), AFOSR (Air Force Office of Scientific Research) Hanscom Air Force Base, PI: Kouvetakis.

23)  $100,000, "NER: Synthesis of nanoscale structures of new direct bandgap semiconductors", National Science Foundation (2003-2004), PI: Kouvetakis, Co-PI: Tsong.

22)  $60,000, ACT (approaches to combat terrorism) supplement National Science Foundation (2003-2004), PI: Kouvetakis.

21)  $230,000, NSF-(IMR), "Acquisition of an infrared ellipsometer for research and student training" (2003-2004), National Science Foundation, $150,000 ($50,000 matching from ASU), PI: Kouvetakis and 4 Co PIs.

20)  $358,000, "Synthetic routes to main-group inorganic solids", National Science Foundation-DMR (2002-2005), PI: Kouvetakis.

19)  $200,000, "A high resolution ultrahigh vacuum scanning electron microscope fitted to a molecular beam epitaxy chamber (UHV-SEM-MBE)", US Army Research Office (ARO) DURIP Program (2002-2004), PI: Kouvetakis, Co-PI: Tsong.

18)  $80,000, "Development of the new wide bandgap semiconductor SiCAlN into device material", ASU (2002-2003), Co-PI (PI: Ig Tsong).

17)  $434,000, "Synthesis and characterization of superhard films and coatings based on light elements", US Army Research Office (2000-2003), PI: Kouvetakis.

16)  $100,000, "Direct electron beam writing for fabrication of nano-scale architectures", NSF-DMR (2001-2003), Co-PI (PI: Drucker / Physics).